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The Narrative or Paragraph History continuing from John Symonds, D12, to be read in conjunction with the notes found from page 33..

X. John Symonds, D12, born Pilsdon 1788. Sometime a land agent and farmer at Broadwindsor and Symondsbury. He died at Bridport 1865 and was buried at Bradpole (M.I.), having Married at Stoke Abbott, 1811, Mary, daughter of Daniel & Hester Stone of Brimley, who was born 1791, and died at Rye, Sussex, 1881, (?1883) aged 91 (see Stone’s descendancy chart). They had issue,

1.Giles Symonds, E12, born Broadwindsor 1812. About 1837 he was a cornet in the 4th Hussars, and afterwards in the Dorset militia. He studied law and was a solicitor at Dorchester in partnership with his maternal uncle Joseph Stone, whom he succeeded as town clerk, and subsequently held many public appointments. In 1892 he was buried at Dorchester cemetery (M.I.), having married first Jane, daughter of Col. Charles Stickland, who died 1877, aged 61, and secondly Martha-Mary, daughter of Edward Pope of Great Toller who died 1916, aged 76. By his first wife only he had issue,
1. Edward-Coleman, born 1842, died in infantcy.
2. John-Charles, F13, born 1844. He was a cornet in the 17th Regiment of Lancers (Commission obtained 25th June 1862), and then a First Lieutenant in the 6th Dragoon Guards upon promotion on 16th October 1866. He also served in the 2nd Somerset Militia. Died 1912 without issue, leaving a widow Mary-Jane, nee Hall.
3. Emily Jane, died in 1845 in her first year (family bible)
4. Edward, died in 1858 in his 10th year. (family bible)
5. Kate, born 1850; died 1862 (family bible)

6. Henry, F14, born 1851. Sometime a solicitor in Dorchester, succeeding his father as town clerk. Died at Bournemouth 1912, having married first Bethia-Anne Morrison who died in 1908, and secondly Kate Jeremy who died 1936. By his first wife he left issue,
i. Michael Henry, G6
ii. Arthur, G7,
died 1917.
iii. Nora-Bethia, G8
iv. Charles Stickland, G9.
Married Edith Margaret Pratt and left issue,
v. Violet, G10
vi. Percy Giles, G11
vii. Francis George, G12

viii. Edward, G13, married (x ?) and left issue.

7. Mary, F15, born 1853. Married in 1876 to George John Cree (formerly Stone) of Owermoigne, who died 1902. They had issue,
i. George-Cecil O’Shaughnessy Cree, G14, married (x?) and left issue,
ii. Aubrey McMahon Cree, G15, R.N.
iii. Adrian-Victor Cree, G16, killed in France 1916.
iv. Evelyn-Mary, G17, married Robert Jocelyn Pickard-Cambridge, They resided in Ringwood and had issue.

8. Harriett, F16, born 1857, married Henry Anthony Huxtable, of Dorchester, now deceased, by whom she had issue,
i. Gerald Constantine Huxtable, G18, born 1883, died 1904
ii. Dorothy-Kate, G19, born 1885; married Percy Minton Haynes who died in 1957, They lived formerly in Weymouth, and later in Upwey. They left issue,
iii. Charles Hubert Anthony Huxtable, G20, OBE. DSO. MC (2 clasps), born 1888; Educated Harrow School, served in Royal Dorset Garrison Artillery Territorial 1906-12; Went to FMS to plant rubber in 1912; At outbreak of the War he returned to England to join the 79th Brigade Royal Field Artillery in April 1915, and served until the end of the war; T/Capt (A/Major), Despatches, London gazette 30th March and 23rd Dec 1918; DSO., London gazette 16th September 1918.
Charles won his Military Cross on 30th June 1916, “… for conspicuous gallantry under very heavy shell-fire at close range. He repeatedly went to one gun detatchment after another to direct the fire, and also went to the Infantry Headquarters for information. For three days and nights he went without sleep, and set a fine example of devotion to duty…”
For the first clasp to his M.C., awarded on 18th July 1917, the citation read “…For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in rescuing the wounded pilot of one of our aeroplanes. The enemy had ranged upon the fallen aeroplane and without any hesitation this officer plunged into the most intense and accurate shellfire and with the aid of a signaller brought the pilot into safety…”
His second clasp to the M.C. he was gazetted on 18th January and 25th April 1918 for “…. Conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in command of his battery on several occasions. When all the officers and several NCO’s of a neighbouring battery were wounded, he organised the detatchments and inspired the survivors to carry out their night-firing task with reduced numbers….”
He was also awarded a DSO, gazetted 16 Sept 1918 “… For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during the whole of three week’s operations. On one occasion, when his battery was in the thick of a heavy barrage he kept his gun firing despite casualties. He directed the evacuation of the wounded and himself worked one gun single-handed. He kept touch with Brigade Headquarters during the whole time, and found a new position, less exposed, where he swiftly moved his guns during a lull…”
On 27th Feb 1939, he was still listed as Major RA (TA) in the Admin Office, but he eventually became a Lieut. Colonel. He married (1919?) Helen Mary, daughter of Revd. P.W. Bates., and has issue.

iv. Nellie Georgina, G21, (1892- ) married Gerald Venables-Kyrke (d.1932) and had issue.

9. Arthur-George, F17, born 1861. died 1945. Formerly a town-clerk, he was articled in December 1883 as a member of Symonds & Sons of Dorchester, Dorset, and became highly respected solicitor in that town; He was mobilised in August 1914 as a major in the 4th battn Dorset regt. He served in India between November 1914 and February 1916, and between July 1916 to May 1918. He also served in Mesopotamia between February and July 1916; He married Gertrude Frances Lindsay and has issue,
i. Arthur Giles Crawford Symonds, G22 (b 1924), married Lorna Maureen Cockram and had issue.

2. John Symonds, E13. born Broadwindsor 1815. died 1862; Sometime in the Civil Service; married Theodosia Marriner. There is a poem in existence dedicated to the pair, written at the time of their wedding:
May providence send to the fortunate pair.
With the brightest of weather, the farest of gales,
While in quest of the anxiously sought son and heir,
On the billows of hymen the Mariner sails.

They had issue,

1. Mary Theodora Marriner, F18, born 1847. died 1883, having married Archibald Mitchell, by whom she left issue.

2. John Wellesley Valentine, F19. born 1851. died 1893. Emigrated to Australia and bought a property of 90 acres on the Hunter River, about 20 miles upriver from Newcastle, and built a house which he named Symondsbury. He married Alma Adelaide Cross (1862-23rd Jun 1919).He is buried at Raymond Terrace, on the Hunter River, 15 Miles from Newcastle, NSW. They had issue.
i. Eva Constance Mildred, G24 (1881-1953), who married in 1904, George Henry Norman (b.1879), son of Henrietta Anne Cornish and Frederick Norman, of Pimlico. She had issue.
ii. John Wellesley Symonds, G25 (1883-1956). He had a serious illness in 1929 in Ceylon whilst on his way to England. He returned to NSW and took Holy Orders. He was subsequently a Canon of St Matthew’s church, Wauchope and retired in 1949. He died suddenly on 11th October 1956 of a coronary occlusion. He had married Jeanie Barnet Shutz and had issue.
iii. Lillie Leek Miriam, G26 (b 1885), married Arthur Stanmore, but had no issue.
iv. Stella Theodosia, G27 (b. 1887), married Percy Vine (d.1923) but had no issue.
v. Clarence Victor Leopold, G28 (1889-1957, married Florence Smith. He died suddenly in hospital of Pulmonary cancer.

3. Mary-Anne, E14, born 1817. She married at Broadwindsor in 1836 her cousin William Udal of Edgbaston, a merchant and factor in Birmingham who was at one time in partnership with his brother-in-law Henry Symonds, E16. She died 1879; her husband died 1880, aged 78, leaving issue.

4. Daniel Symonds, E15, born Broadwindsor 1819. For many years a farmer at Winterborne Ashton. He died at Dorchester 1892 (M.I. Cemetery), There is a plaque in Broadwindsor Church near Bridport, in his memory. He married Mary-Anne (born 1834), daughter of John Allen Pope of Sutton Poyntz, who survived him and died 1912. They had issue,
1.Daniel-John, F20, Born 1857 at Ashton. He not only farmed part of the Symondsbury estate and lived in a big white house outside the Manor gates, and also Ashton Farm, nut he also carried on his father’s business of Land Agents and Valuers. They were known as “Big” Dan and “Little” Dan. He died at Upwey in 1905, having married in 1885, Catherine Sarah Flower Flower who survived him and by whom he had issue,
i. Catherine Mary, G29, Born 1886, married first (in 1907) Reginald Maxwell Mason (1867-1939), and then secondly Cecil Bertie Howard Knight M.C. (born 1883) and had issue.

ii. Daniel George, G30, ( 1885-1932) articled in February 1911 and was managing clerk of Symonds & Sons, Dorchester. He was mobilised August 1914 as a lieutenant in the 4th Battn. Dorset Regt., and later promoted to captain. The 4th Dorsets; sailed for India at the outbreak of hostilities and was the first territorial regiment to see active service abroad during the 1914-18 war. He served in Mesopotamia, was twice mentioned in despatches, and attained the rank of acting Major at various times. He married Anthea Irene Gibson (born 1897), and had issue.

iii. William Flower, G31, born 27th September 1890 at Symondsbury, and later when his father rented Ashton farm from the late Sir Edwin Pope, the family resided at Upwey until his father’s death in 1905 when they moved to Weymouth. He first went to school at Casterbridge, in Cornwall road, Dorchester, and then to Stubbington, near Portsmouth, going on to Marlborough and Oundle (Crosby House 1908-9).Upon leaving school, he was articled to his brother-in-law, Reginald Mason, a chartered accountant specialising in brewery accounting and who was a relative of the Mr mason one time partner of the late Alfred Pope at Dorchester Brewery. In 1914, within a week of taking his final examinations as a Chartered accountant, he entrained at Dorchester en-route for India with the 2/4th Battalion Dorsetshire regiment, to which he had been commissioned with the rank of 2nd lieutenant; On arrival in India he very soon found himself in charge of nearly all the accounts of the regiment including a savings bank which he organised for the benefit of those who wished to save up some of their pay for future use. At Ahmed-Naggar he was appointed Machine-Gun officer to the battalion, but in those days there were no machine-guns to train with and therefore his men had to carry out exercises with a dummy gun and tripod made in the pioneer shop to his specifications. Then, it seemed, he found plenty to occupy his time, so much so that if one of his junior officers depicted him on guard duty they gave the cartoon the caption “The Sub of all work RESTS from his labours.” Towards the close of 1915 he was married at Bombay cathedral to his cousin Grace Augusta Flower Bartlett (1891-1981) of West Knighton, and in the middle of the following year he was sent to Mesopotamia to rejoin the Machine Gun Corps. He had not been there a month before he was “discovered” by the Financial Advisor to the GOC and appointed Local Audit Officer to the Force, which post he held until he left Basra in 1919 enroute for Blighty and demobilisation,.his activities in the meanwhile having been acknowledged by a Mention in Despatches. Upon returning home he resumed his study of brewery accounting under Mr Mason until he was appointed Secretary of the Colchester Brewery Co in 1921, to which town he had moved After that firm was absorbed into Ind Coope in 1926, he rejoined Mr mason as a partner in the firm of Mason and Son of which firm he eventually became a senior partner. In March 1921 his first son was born and he moved to Croydon where he remained until 1934. He then moved to Reigate, and in the same year was appointed a Director of Eldridge Pope & Co Ltd in succession to his uncle William Pope Symonds. When the war of 1939-45 broke out, he was nearly 50, too old to rejoin the armed forces on active duty, so he joined the Reigate Borough constabulary as a Special Constable and served for the duration. In 1960 he retired from Mason & Son and returned to Dorsetshire, where he died peacefully in 1979. He left issue.

iv. Nora Winifred, G32 (1892-1964) married Captain Adam Borridale Bell (d.1946), leaving no issue.

v. John Frederick, G33 (1894-1975). Was educated at Weymouth College and Oundle School, and spent most of his early life farming in Canada. He married Kathleen Mary King (1902-1969) and had issue.

vi. Philip Reginald, G34 (1897-1970) , Educated at Weymouth College and at Oundle (1912-15 Crosby House)In 1915 he was commissioned straight from school into the Dorset Fortress Engineers, but transferred to the Indian Army, serving with Queen Victoria’s Own Sappers & Miners, seeing service in Mesopotamia and Persia until invalided out after the war. In 1923 he founded the Cotswold Game farm in Stroud, Gloucestershire, , which became known as the best game farm in Europe. He introduced an entirely new system of game feeding and rearing. During the 1939-45 conflict he was in charge of a Civil defence over an area covered by three local authorities, He was also deputy Chief warden and Head Special Constable the district and wa awarded a bar to his police medal. He compiled a local official history of the war. He married Vivien Frederica Stenhouse 1900-1973), and had issue.

2. Edward, F21, born 1859, died 1950. M.A., Merton Coll. Oxon. Vicar of Havering-atte-Bower, Romford. He married Ellen Mary Callis and had issue,
i. Edward Noel-Callis, G35, MBE, MC, MA. - RFA, died at Aldershot 1927.
ii. Mary-Theodora, G36.
iii. John-Walton-Callis, G37 (b.1902), who married Marion Sonia Hatfield (b.1911) and had issue.
iv. Christopher-Henry Callis, G38, (b.1904) married firstly, Evelyn Annie Mary Meredith (d.1930), and secondly, Aileen Mary Thompson (b.1907) and had issue.
v. Edith Monica, G39 (b.1908), married Lt. Commander Ronald Montague Haig Sowden, RN. (d.1941 on active service) and had issue.
vi. David George Callis, G40 (b.1910) married Eula Elizabeth Carr (b.1913) and had issue.

3. William Pope, F22, born 1860, died 1934. A solicitor formerly practising at Kettering and now living at Sturminster Newton. He married first Mabel Charlotte Scott who died 1927 leaving two daughters,

i. Evelyn-Mabel, G41, born 1892, who married Eric Duke Scott at Montreal.

ii. Mildred Frances Glynn, G42.

4. Maria, born 1861, died in her first year.

5. Arthur, F23, born 1862, died 1937. Of Charminster, Dorset (although Kelly’s handbook of the Landed gentry has him coming from Wolfeton Manor). He married first Elizabeth Cornick and secondly Alice-Jego Symonds. By his first wife he had a son Arthur, G43, who was killed in action 1917.

6. Henry, F24, born 1863. died 1943. Sherborne School 1880-2, MD., MRCS.Eng. He lived at Kimberley, South Africa, and served in the RAMC with the South African troops in France. Married first Frieda Tyrrell, by whom he had issue, and secondly Jessica Linnell, by who he had no issue.
i. Marian-Freda, G44, who died 1918 having married Arthur M. Brewer (1891-1932), by whom she had issue.
ii. Helen-Margaret, G45, (d.1967), married Sherwood Willoughby Watson.
iii. Astley Henry Paston, G46, married first to Alexandria (Lexie) Hall, and secondly to Enid Giddy, and had issue.
iv. Gwendoline-Mary, G47.(b.1902) married firstly to heyn Oosterbrook (b.1901) and secondly to ? Fitzsymons (b.1937), by whom she had issue.
v. Ina-Kathleen, G48, (b.1904) married Felix Jacobus de Wet (b.1898) and had issue.
vi. Thelma-Enid, G49 (b.1908) married Ian Henry Campbell Lake (b.1908) by whom she had issue.

7. Marcia, born 1864, died in her first year. (family bible)

8. Septimus, F25, born 1865. died 1950. MA. And late scholar of St. Catherine’s Coll. Cambridge. Vicar of St. Mark’s Church, Cambridge. He married Mary Caroline Tindall and had issue,
i. Edward Tindall Symonds, G50, M.A. (1895-1978), became a Wing Commander, married Hilda Mary Spence. No issue.
ii. Ethel-Mary, G51 (b.1896) .
iii. Catherine Gertrude, G52 (1898-1983)
iv. Victoria Winifred, G53, MRCS., LRCP. (b.1900)
v. Alec Arthur, G54, M.A. (b.1902) Emmanuel College, Camb. Married in 1930 to Doris Maud Parsons. No issue
vi. Walter Herbert, G55, B.A. (1904-1984) Queen’s College, Camb. Clerk in Holy Orders. Married Ona Crofton. No issue.

5. Henry Symonds, E16, born Broadwindsor 1821. Educated at Honiton. Lived for many years at Edgbaston and was a merchant in Birmingham, being at one time a partner of William Udal; also director of a Bank there. He was a keen collector of tokens of Dorset, and was the chief rival of William Udal who also collected tokens. It is also said he sported mutton-chop whiskers; He died at Edgbaston (M.I.) 1879, having married at Milverton, Somerset, in 1857, Mary-Eliza, eldest daughter of George and Jemima J. Leekey (See Leekey descendancy chart), who died 1891. They had issue,

1.Henry, F26, (1859-1933). Rugby School. Sometime in partnership with William Udal the younger and Edward Udal. Afterwards called to the Bar at Lincoln’s Inn 1888, Midland Circuit; FSA (The author of the family lineage book) He married Florence Annie Whitfield of Edgebaston and had issue,
i. Henry-Herbert, G56, (1885-1959). Exhibitioner Rugby School; Scholar & MA. Oriel College, Oxon. Ordained at Bristol 1909. Assistant master at Clifton and Rugby, and later Headmaster Liverpool Institute. He married firstly in 1911 Charlotte Gwendolen Wortley Watson, BA Oxon, formerly of Bothenhampton, and has issue. She died in 1939, and he then married Ruth Beatrice Wortley Williams (b.1889). He died in 1959 and a memorial service was held in Cartmel Priory. His ashes were released into the wind from the summit of Scafell where those of his wife’s fell.

2. Florence-Mary, F27 (b.1863), married Henry Burman Lowe (1859-1915). She died 1923 (M.I. Barnt Green), leaving two sons,
i. John-Burman Lowe, G57 (b.1889), educated Uppingham School, MB. MRCS., late Major RAMC, Medical officer of Health in Wiltshire; married Frances Champion (b.1899) and has issue.
ii. Geoffrey-Burman Lowe, G58, (b.1892) MA, MRCS, late temporary Surgeon Lieutenant RN, He was also in the medical profession and retired in 1954. He had in his possession a miniature portrait in oils of Jemima Craze. He married Gwendoline Laura Towse (b.1899) and has issue.

3. Ethel-Margaret, F28, born 1865, She married Capt Charles George Nurse of the Indian Army and died 1929 without issue.

4. George-Herbert, F29, born 1871. Died 1884 (A painted window in St Alban’s church, Leamington, commemorates him).

5. George, born and died 1860.
6. George, born and died 1861.

6. Anna-Maria, E17, born Broadwindsor 1824; married there in 1848 to John Amon Vidler of Rye, Sussex, who died 1856. She died at Rye 1897 (M.I.) leaving issue,

1. John Symonds Vidler, F30, born 1851; died 1912 having married Caroline Louisa de Lacy Selmes, nee Smart, by whom he had a son

i. John-Lionel-Symonds Vidler, G59.

2. Marian Vidler, F31. died 1938. Unmarried.

7. Frederick Symonds, E18, born Broadwindsor, 1826. Sometime a manufacturer at Lichfield. He died 1898 having married in 1851 Annie, daughter of William Mynors of Elford, Staffs., by whom he had issue,

1. Frederick-William, F32, He joined the Dorsetshire Regiment in 1906, and was discharged in 1920. He married Isobel White.

2. Ernest John, F33, educated at Rugby and married Annie Elizabeth Power, and had issue
i. Mona Evelyn, G60, married Alan Tell Osbourne, and had issue.
ii. Kathleen Power, G61, married Henry Dowding.
iii. Muriel Olive, G62
iv. Leslie William, G63, married Grace Anna Smallridge, and had issue.

3. Agnes-Annie, F34, unmarried.

4. Arthur-Henry, F35; educated at Rugby, and married Blanche Mackinlay.

5. Reginald-Wynne, F36, married Margaret Dagmar Rasmussen., & had issue
i. Margery Dagmar Mynors Symonds, G64.

6. Georgina-Jane, F37, married William Towers Mynors, a cousin, and had issue
i. Monica Mynors, G65.
ii. Humphrey Mynors, G66.

7. Richard-Dyott, F38.

8. Jane, E19, born 1828; married at Symondsbury in 1851 to Robert Coker Nash Davies, MRCS., who died at Rye 1891. She also died at Rye 1911, without issue. (There is a painted window in that church in memory of her mother and husband.)

9. George Symonds, E20, born Broadwindsor 1832, a twin with William infra. He was sometime a farmer at Symondsbury and Winterborne Monkton, and died in 1906 having married Mary-Lowman, daughter of William and Caroline Fry of Curry Rivel, who died 1927, aged 90, the last survivor of that generation. They had issue,
1. Mary, F39, born 1859. Unmarried.

2. Annie, F40, born 1860, married Sydney Guest.

3. Caroline-Lowman, F41, born 1861, Unmarried.

4. John, F42, born 1865, married, …..Rugby and has a son, i. Arthur, G67.

5. George, F43, born 1868, married Mildred Saunders.

6. Florence, F44, born 1869; died 1907 unmarried.

In addition to the forgoing there were three children of John and Mary Symonds, D12, who died young and unmarried, namely George, died 1824; Ellen-Amelia, died 1831; and William, a twin, died 1857.

An interesting snippet of information worthy of a mention here is one found in the front of an old family photograph album belonging to Daniel John Symonds. It ran:
“My (Daniel John’s) grandfather John Allen Pope had three wives (Dunning, Willmot, and Wood). His sister had three husbands (Morse, Moody, & Rossiter). He and his two brothers married three sisters (Wilmots). His three sons who married had two wives each, and two of such sons living in the village of Sutton Poyntz did not go out of the parish for their second wives. His other two sons did not marry alleging that no woman would take the risk of being first wife!”


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